1. The Keys To Being A Good Canadian Forces Recruit

    While Test Ready Pro prides itself on being able to help you prep for your CFAT exam unlike any other prep center, we do realize there is a lot more that goes into becoming a member of the Canadian Forces than just passing this exam. While you may be ready to go as far as your test is concerned, we want you to feel confident and comfortable in every aspect of your journey to becoming a Canadian Fo…Read More

  2. The Best Way To Prep For The CFAT

    If you have considered joining the Canadian Forces, you’re going to have to do a good amount of prep if you want to accomplish your goal. Every person who chooses to apply to the Canadian Forces must take an aptitude test known as the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT). This test is made to help assess an applicant’s abilities so that they can be matched with a job that best suits them. If y…Read More

  3. 4 Things You Have To Do If You Want To Be A Firefighter

    4 Things You Have To Do If You Want To Be A Firefighter

    When you are prepping to make your career goals a reality, there is always going to be a ton of work that goes into it. While we cannot speak for every career field, we certainly do know about the different type of prep that goes into becoming a firefighter. Of course, we think it is beyond important that you prepare for many tests you have to take. On the other hand, when you want to spend your l…Read More

  4. Are YOU a Warrior? Mindset Internal Fortitude Course

    REGISTER NOW - LIMITED SPACE  Friday 04 May 2018   09:00 to Sunday 06 May 2018 11:00 Pembroke area Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed to be stronger willed? Do you want to find out what kind of person you are? Do you want to learn how to overcome adversity and earn mental toughness? Come challenge yourself and learn physical and mental endurance through stress inocu…Read More

  5. Taking a Quick Look At The Traditional RCMP Uniform

    Famous for their distinctive dress uniform “Review Order,” RCMP are often thought as wearing their uniform while patrolling on-duty, riding around on a horse. Now, while the RCMP use standard police methods, equipment and uniforms for normal police work, many prospective RCMP candidates are often curious about the traditional uniform and why it’s worn. Well, as the authority in RCMP prep at …Read More

  6. A Career in Emergency Services – Think Integrity

    AS you think about and begin your career preparation, you must remember the competencies - essential and developmental - as they are critical to your success; how you articulate them and how you strive to achieve them. Integrity is key. I was reminded again today by this amazing post from our friends at Crossfit for this one; I suggest you read it...also visit: http://indestri.com/indestri-blog/ i…Read More

  7. Common Myths About Police Officers and The RCMP

    A lot of people - Americans and Canadians alike - tend to think of most law enforcement officials as evil, scary figures bent on destroying other people’s lives. While there are a number of “bad cops” who abuse their power and don’t put the public’s safety and wellbeing first, the reality is that most law enforcement professionals truly serve with your best interest in mind. As public se…Read More

  8. Considerations Before Pursuing a Career In Emergency Services

    Firefighters, paramedics, police officers - these are the heroes of Canada, the United States, and countries all around the world. Working around the clock to protect the safety and well-being of the public, emergency services personnel often put their life on the line in the interest of helping others. From crossing into the line of fire to helping an elderly citizen safely cross the street, work…Read More

  9. Police Constable – New Recruit – November 2017 – Hamilton Ontario

    Job Title: Police Constable - New Recruit Hamilton Police Ontario Pass the PATI TEST WCT BPAD Police Constable in Ontario - visit: https://www.testreadypro.com/products/pati-test-wct-video-prep Department: Hamilton Police Service Number of Vacancies: As required, due to attrition Union/Non-Union: Hamilton Police Association Job Location: Will be rotated throughout different areas of the Service Ho…Read More

  10. 5 Mistakes Made By Canadian Police Candidates

    Do us a favor really quickly. Think back to when you were in high school and you had to take a huge test. Chances are that at least once you walked into the classroom where the test was about to be passed out and you thought, “I didn’t even study and I’ve got this.” Now think about the day you received the graded copy of that test back. We’re willing to bet that you didn’t do nearly as…Read More