Firefighters, paramedics, police officers – these are the heroes of Canada, the United States, and countries all around the world. Working around the clock to protect the safety and well-being of the public, emergency services personnel often put their life on the line in the interest of helping others. From crossing into the line of fire to helping an elderly citizen safely cross the street, working in emergency services is a selfless act, to say the least. If you’re here at Test Ready Pro seeking firefighter and paramedic prep or police test preparation, let us first begin by thanking you for your desire and willingness to serve. Emergency management and services aren’t cut out for everyone, but we respect the fact that you’re here right now.

Firefighter and Paramedic Prep at Test Ready Pro

Whether you’re facing a COR test, CPS test, NSFT test or any sort of firefighter and paramedic prep test exam, showing up prepared shows that you’re serious about your future career. While passing a firefighter practice test or a written paramedic test is easier said than done – especially the first time – Test Ready Pro is here to help you get prepared and stay prepared. Are you in a position where professional recruitment preparation is necessary? Feel free to get in touch with our CPS test experts today to learn more about how we can help you prepare for your career in emergency services.

To learn more about emergency management as a career and some of the considerations that you should think about before committing to this job field, continue reading on below.

The Basics of Emergency Management and Services

If you find the concept of preventing and/or mediating disasters, adverse events and acts of terror to be interesting or important, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Emergency management, commonly referred to as disaster management, is a term that references the efforts made by businesses or communities to recover from traumatizing, physically and emotionally-damaging disasters.

While these disasters don’t have to be completely catastrophic in nature, they can be either man-made or natural. Emergency management also includes mitigating acts of terrorism. Broadly speaking, some of the more common events covered within the field of emergency management include fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, public disorder, industrial accidents, industrial sabotage, and critical communication failures.

Core Skills To Consider

While possessing innate talents or skills is not necessarily required to excel as a paramedic, firefighter or other emergency response position, they do help set you off on the right foot. While the ability to stay calm and focused under times of extreme stress and hardship is more or less paramount, the ability to critically analyze and understand the situation at hand is key. Additionally, thoroughly understanding the demands of dealing with disasters of different natures and origins is very important. Of course, better understanding how to deal with and effectively respond to certain emergency situations comes with time, extensive training, and of course, experience.

Having a Clean Background and Lifestyle

Certain career positions in different industries might not place as much emphasis on the importance of what you do on your own time, but emergency response services operate a little differently. Ask a seasoned emergency services professional and they’ll say that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. When you express your interest to work in emergency services, just keep in mind that your personal life reflects your professional life, at least to some extent.

Having a track record of problems will only make it harder for you to stand out among your fellow peers in a positive way. Some of these problems include vehicle accidents (when you’re at fault), traffic tickets, arrest, domestic violence disputes, known anger management issues, and so forth. Though you can’t change the past, you can always make changes that set you up for a brighter future.

Spend Time With Real Firefighters and Paramedics

Though you might not get to ride along in a fire truck or ambulance on the way to an accident, it’s worth your while to talk to and get to know real people currently working in your desired profession. Your local firefighters and paramedics are near invaluable resources when it comes to someone credible to learn from and network with. Chances are, your local fire department or team of paramedics are more than willing – probably thrilled, actually – to tell you about their job, day-to-day experience, challenges, and so forth. Really, people like talking about themselves and their job, especially if they actually enjoy and have a passion for what they do. It might seem selfish, but it’s only human nature.

Your Ability To Handle and Calmly Navigate Traumatic Situations

Emergencies are commonly synonymous with trauma. As one of the first people on-scene, you’re going to put yourself into an environment characterized by grotesque suffering, and that’s sparing the details. Though emergency response work is necessary for our society to keep functioning, it’s not easy, and the things that firefighters, police officers and paramedics experience are often dark. Again, as we mentioned above, this line of work just isn’t cut out for everyone, so it’s important to take the gravity of such a position into account before seriously pursuing it.

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