Deciding what to do with your life can be very challenging. You only have so many years before you’re considered an “adult” and expected to make “adult” plans about how you’re going to support yourself and your future family.

If you have a passion that translates into a paying career, like film making or landscaping, congratulations! It’s likely that you’ll be able to spend a lifetime doing something that you actually enjoy. For many of us, however, finding an ideal career requires a much more subtle examination of talents and skills.

Keep reading to learn more about the signs that you might be perfect for a career in the Canadian Armed Forces, and find out how Test Ready Pro’s CFAT test prep materials can help.

Analysis, Planning, Decision Making, And Giving Advice

Are you the one who plans the logistics of your family road trip each and every year? Do your friends always come to you for advice, whether they’re installing a new shower head or trying to figure out whether they should break up with their significant other? Can you look at a broken appliance and immediately start envisioning all the steps that will be involved in fixing it?

If so, you may have the skills necessary to become a strategist, manager, or problem solver in the Canadian Armed Forces. Especially at the officer level, members of the armed forced are required to be strong leaders with the ability to assess a situation and make hard decisions in a short amount of time.

Physical Fitness Is Your Passion

Do you work out every day, even weekends and holidays when everyone else is home in bed? Do you like challenging yourself physically through races, obstacle courses, and extreme sports? Do you enjoy pitting yourself against others, pushing yourself to achieve physical goals that seemed impossible just months ago?

If so, you may have the passion for physical fitness that’s absolutely essential in a member of the Canadian Armed Forces. With a career in the military, “You’ll participate in field exercises, marches, running obstacle courses, swimming and other physical training activities. Throughout your career in the Navy, Army or Air Force, you will be required to perform physically challenging duties. That’s why the Forces provide trained professional staff, first-class facilities, and a wide range of exercise, sport and recreation programs, explains TalentEgg.ca.

You’re Interested In A Financially-Sound Future

Do you have aspirations of owning a house or starting a family? Have you watched friends and family members struggle to make ends meet when their career took a turn for the worst, and want to make sure you don’t end up in the same situation? Everyone is seeking financial security these days, but almost no employer provides it quite as well as the Canadian Armed Forces.

As a military member, you’ll enjoy a competitive salary, 20 paid vacation days per year, and other benefits that continue long after you’ve retired.

If you’ve noticed these signs in your own life and are ready to start pursuing a career in the military, contacting Test Ready Pro should be your first step. With the help of our CFAT and other military test prep materials, we can help improve your chances of starting your military career off on the right foot.