The Canadian Forces Aptitude Test (CFAT) is a test that applicants take when they are interested in joining the Candian Armed Forces. Some people may not take the test very seriously, assuming that they will be able to join no matter what their score — but that is a big mistake. How well you do on the test can have a tremendous impact on your particular career path. For instance, if you want the chance to be a high-ranking officer someday, you should know that a poor CFAT score may prevent you from doing so. 

So, what should you do to make sure you get the best possible score? It all has to do with preparation and practice. In today’s post from Test Ready Pro, we want to discuss the key elements of the CFAT and give you tips on how you can ready yourself to succeed. Keep reading and then visit our website to learn how we can help prepare you for what lies ahead.    

What Is the CFAT?

Every year, the Canadian Forces comb through thousands of applications. With far more applicants than open positions, they need a tool to measure applicants’ abilities and potential compared to others. One of the primary measurements they use is the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test. This test consists of 60 multiple choice questions that evaluate a person’s aptitude in verbal skills, spatial ability, and problem-solving. 

While a few dozen multiple-choice questions don’t sound that intimidating, keep in mind that the test is timed — you have 45 minutes to complete it. The use of calculators is also not allowed, so any kind of calculations must be completed using your own brainpower. 

Although most people will “pass” the test, meeting the minimum requirements to be admitted to the Canadian forces, there are some who don’t — and unfortunately, they may be rejected. If you do meet at least the minimum requirements for acceptance, that doesn’t mean you can automatically work your way up the ranks and have any job you please. CFAT performance is used in conjunction with other factors to determine the career path you may pursue. 

CFAT Scores and Your Future

The first thing you might be thinking is, “What score must I get to be considered for the top jobs?” Although different military careers have different mandatory minimum CFAT score requirements, test scores are highly guarded and there is no definitive guide that will tell you the score you must get to be considered for a particular position. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you give it your best effort and obtain the highest score possible. Higher scores mean more potential military occupations will be open to you.

It’s also helpful to know that there may be other tests or requirements you’ll be required to meet, depending on the career path you hope to follow. For instance, officers must also have a university degree. Getting a particular score on the CFAT may not be the final determinant on where you will be in 20 years, but it can have more influence than many people think. If you want to have the best chances for a successful future, give yourself every opportunity by scoring high on the CFAT.

What Kind of Questions Are on the CFAT?

Getting your best possible score on the CFAT starts with one thing — preparation. Knowing how the test is structured and finding out what kind of questions will be asked is your first step. It’s also wise to take a few practice tests to determine which areas you are strongest in, and which one will require more of your study time. Much of the test involves thought questions that rely on the knowledge you’ve acquired over your lifetime. For instance, if you’ve typically had a difficult time with reading and vocabulary throughout school, you’ll likely want to strengthen your skills in this area before taking the test.

Test Categories

As mentioned earlier, there are three test categories on the CFAT — verbal skills, spatial ability, and problem-solving — with the majority of the questions being from the problem-solving section. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each:

Verbal Skills

The questions you’ll encounter in this section are a measure of your overall vocabulary. They look to gauge your understanding of word meanings, synonyms, and opposites. There are a total of 15 verbal skills questions, and you are given five minutes to complete them. 

Spatial Ability

The spatial ability questions test your ability to understand, manipulate, and form objects in two-dimensional and three-dimensional space. A typical question you might encounter in this section will challenge you to determine which 3D figure will be created from the 2D form you are provided. This section also includes 15 questions, but because it may take a little more time to think things through compared to the verbal skills section, you are given 10 minutes to complete it.


The problem-solving section of the test is the largest and most time-consuming part of the test. It includes many different question types that aim to assess your overall problem-solving abilities. Much of what you will encounter in this section will be math and logic questions such as number sequencing as well as basic ratios, percentages, algebra, and word problems. You’ll get 30 minutes to complete 30 problem-solving questions. The key to passing this portion of the test is to practice completing these types of problems over and over until you get faster at answering them. You’ll often need more time to answer some questions, and on a test like this, time is not on your side. Practice allows you to breeze through the “easy” questions so you have more time to think through the more difficult ones.   

Preparing for the CFAT

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