In our last blog, we gave some helpful tips to lessen the stress of taking a test that can determine the rest of your life (no pressure!). Since there were so many tips to offer, we thought that we would write another blog so that you can fly through the CPS and/or NFST test with ease and start the next chapter of your life.

Go back over the skipped answers

We suggested before that you skip over the unsure answers. Now is the time to go back over those skipped answers. You may have picked up on something during the test that helps answer one of those you missed. You can also check out the answers you’ve already answered as well, just to make sure that they are right.

Fill in all answers

If you still have skipped questions, this is the time to use the process of elimination. There will be some questions of which you have some idea. Go to those questions first and eliminate the answers you know are wrong. You can eliminate one or two of these and then review in your head which is the better choice. Try to remember what you have learned or use your common sense to answer the question.

After you have gone through those, move on to the answer to which you are drawing a completely blank. This is where it gets tricky. You can take wild guesses if you want, relying on luck and common sense, or you can go based on the statistics of your other answers. Some believe that there is usually an even number of answer positions. For example if you have 20 A’s, 19 B’s 10 C’s and 21 D’s, the likelihood of your remaining questions being a C is high. There are others who believe that the most common answer is C to “trip up” the test taker. Whatever option you go for, any answer is better than no answer at all.

Final review

We cannot tell you how many times someone takes a test and forgets to put their name on it. If you have a little time left at the end of your test, take the extra time to review everything on your text. Make sure all of your information is legible on the papers. Makes sure you have all of the answers filled in and in the correct place. A good practice to try, if you have time, is to close your eyes and clear your mind for about five minutes, then review your test. Sometimes things will come back to you once you step back and think about it.

After the test is over, if there is a question or two that was just bugging you, you can go back to the books or study guides and see if you can find the answer and determine whether or not you got the answer correct. But, ultimately, that will not do you any good. It’s not like you can go back and change the answer.

We hope that these tips will help you relax more before your test begins. Remember that you have been studying for this test and you are going to be a great firefighter. But before any of this can happen, you need to prepare. Get your firefighter test prep from