Here at Test Ready Pro, we do our best to make studying for our police prep courses a simple process. From our professionally filmed videos to our approval from the Ontario Ministry to our 100% success rate to date, we have worked hard to provide students at Test Ready Pro with the absolute best police test preparation course available on the market.

Sometimes, though, adding some additional tools helps the process to go much more smoothly, ensuring that you learn the material and truly absorb it. In today’s blog, we have a couple of suggestions for apps to use in conjunction with our police prep course for maximum success.


The beauty of Test Ready Pro is that you can study anytime, anywhere thanks to our self-study course. That means that you’re likely to find yourself studying while you wait at the mechanic or are waiting for the movie to start. If you’re studying on the go, you need a way to keep your notes handy no matter where you find yourself.

Evernote is the perfect way to keep track of your notes, organized exactly the way you want them to be. The best part of it all is that if you’ve started taking notes online in your computer’s browser, it’s a piece of cake to pull them up right from your smartphone or tablet. Keeping track of your notes no matter where you are has never been easier!


Let’s be honest—we all need a bit of motivation from time to time. Even the most driven of us have to rely on the drive of others to get to where they want to be. Thanks to the TED app, motivation is just a click away.

Find the perfect motivational talk to get you back in the mood to tackle your police prep course. Sort by speaker, topic, or mood and find exactly what you need to push on in your own daily tasks. What’s even better is that you can download either video or audio talks for playback even when you’re offline, saving you from expensive data charges.

Genius Scan

If you’re taking notes the old fashioned way (by hand), you’re likely to want a digital copy at some point as well. Simply take a picture of your notes and Genius Scan will convert it over to a PDF, allowing you to keep track of your notes digitally as well.

No matter what you need to scan, Genius Scan creates a PDF quickly, ensuring that you have access to your handwritten notes even when your notebook is at home.

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