If you are someone who has always enjoyed the idea that one day your job could be to help people and serve your community, it may have occurred to you before that being a police officer may be the right path for you. However, a desire to do good (while extremely important) is not the only thing that you are going to need in order to be a proper cop. We can do everything possible to help you prep for your police officer exam at Test Ready Pro, but what we can’t do is change who you are. With that said, we have done some research as to what sort of qualities that great cops have that make them undeniably effective at their jobs. Check out what these qualities below and find out if you have what it takes.

Communication Skills

Having good communication skills is a great asset in nearly any job, so this its no surprise that this quality makes the list. Are you someone who is always extremely thorough when writing emails or letter? Do you know how to relay a story in a succinct way that also doesn’t leave out any important details? If so, these are skills that you can leverage when you are in a career as a police officer. When you have to write police reports (which will be a huge part of your job as a cop) the wording you use can mean the difference between that information being used in court and it being thrown out. Being exact is incredibly important when writing police reports, especially if you are called to testify for some reason.

Additionally, interpersonal communication skills are also important before they are what makes it possible for an officer to have a good relationship with the community in which they’re serving. Being able to both listen and respond patiently and in a calm manner is imperative if you want a job in criminal justice.

Empathy and Compassion

Being an empathetic and compassionate person may be traits that you are weary could make your time as a police officer quite difficult. After all, you will have to deal with plenty of tough situations when you are a cop, many of which will not be pleasant. However, having empathy and compassion is actually something that will aid you when you are in the line of duty. Being inserted into the most chaotic and tragic moments of people’s’ lives is by no means an easy task, and you may even think that being closed off would make your daily work easier. However, being empathetic doesn’t mean getting emotional. It means being able to understand people, why they react the ways they do, and what you can do to ease their pain in the moment. While this is a tough balance, the best cops are able to accomplish it, making them a true asset to their community.


This is a big one. If you are someone who has always been known to be true to their word and who follows through in their work even when they are not being watched by a superior, you are the type of person who would likely make a good police officer. Integrity is such an imperative trait for cops to have as people tend to already be on high alert anytime law enforcement is around. Plain and simple, you want the community to feel safer when you are around, rather than more in danger.


Police officers who are effective also tend to be great negotiators. If you have a way with talking through problems and convincing others to act in a certain way, you will probably do well on the police force. Negotiation skills can help to protect the general public, as well as other officers when there is a dangerous situation unfolding. You could be the difference between someone hurting someone or themselves if you are able to speak with them effectively and persuasively.


In order to be a great cop, you have to care about other people and show it. If someone you know is without a car for a couple of days while it is having repairs performed, do you offer to give them a ride to work? Is a coworker is moving apartments, do you ask if you can help them move some boxes? Being service-minded means doing more than just saying you care or that you want to help. It means that you put your money where your mouth is whether you are helping one person or many. It must be important to you that you are assisting those in need whenever you can.

Love of Learning

As you advance in any career, it is likely that you are going to obtain new skills. However, if you are a cop, you need to like this aspect of the job as sometimes it means coming to terms with not knowing everything all the time. If you are naturally curious and your ego will allow for you to be wrong every now and then, being a police officer is a good choice for you.

Additionally, there will always be new technology as well as weapons you will have to become accustomed to over time. If the idea of learning about these things excites you, we have a feeling you would enjoy being a part of the police force.

Physical and Mental Fitness

Being a police officer isn’t just about getting the right answers on a test or being able to talk to suspects and victims. This is an extremely demanding job both physically and mentally, meaning you need to be in peak condition where your body and your mind are concerned. It takes a tough person both inside and out to be a good police officer so be sure you can handle it before you choose to move forward in this field.

Do You Want To Be A Police Officer?

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