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Learn At Your Own Pace

Here at Test Ready Pro, we know that different people learn in different ways and that some need more time with certain areas than others. That’s why we decided to create a program where you can take your time, learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you, and then enjoy the success that comes with a true understanding of what you have just been taught. Mastery of every step in the process has truly never been easier.

Unlimited PATI Tests

Taking practice tests before the real thing is the key to having the right understanding of what you’re going to be up against. Here at Test Ready Pro, we’re proud to offer each of our students unlimited access to PATI tests in order to make sure that when the big day comes and you’re taking your actual PATI test, you’ll be prepared for each and every question you see.

You even get detailed scoring that shows with answers you answered correctly and which ones you didn’t. During practice PATI tests, you’ll find some great features from TRP. Because each PATI test is 90 minutes long and features 90 questions spanning 6 categories, we allow you to pause time, skip a certain category, or skip a question. This allows you to prepare in whatever way works best for you.

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