A lot of people – Americans and Canadians alike – tend to think of most law enforcement officials as evil, scary figures bent on destroying other people’s lives. While there are a number of “bad cops” who abuse their power and don’t put the public’s safety and wellbeing first, the reality is that most law enforcement professionals truly serve with your best interest in mind. As public servants, police officers and the Royal Mounted Canadian Police are here to serve…well, the public. Now, while the police test prep experts at Test Ready Pro can’t exactly control the actions of every officer out there, what we can do is provide excellent educational and preparational services to ensure that prospective police officers and members of the RCMP start out on the right foot. Are you ready to embark on a new career?

Expert Police Test Preparation Services at Test Ready Pro

When it comes to professional recruitment preparation for emergency service candidates and military employment transition, Test Ready Pro is a trusted name. With an established history of success with the people we’ve worked with, countless individuals have embarked on successful law enforcement, firefighter and paramedic careers thanks to our expert training and preparation services. Curious if our professional recruitment services are right for you? Learn more about Test Ready Pro and our police test prep services today.

Now, in the interest of furthering awareness about the legitimacy of law enforcement, Test Ready Pro offers a few commonly misunderstood myths about this field of important work. Let’s take a look.

Myth: To Be Successful, One Must Be Aggressive and Overly Confrontational

On the contrary, some of the world’s finest police work has been conducted with a level-headed and respectful attitude. Of course, this popular and widely-believed myth is completely understandable as in many TV shows and movies, police officers are often depicted as angry, violent individuals who intimidate criminals and even everyday citizens to get what they want. While this can and does occur in the real world, officers are taught to use their communication skills to help control a situation that might otherwise turn violent. Though many people don’t know this, both communication skills, as well as culture and sensitivity training, are a major focus of police training.

Myth: Police Work Is More Dangerous Today Than Ever Before

Actually, the truth is quite the opposite. In Canada, casualties in the line of duty have been decreasing steadily since the 1960s, and continue to present less and less danger to active officers. Granted, everyone knows police officers are sometimes required to handle dangerous situations – after all, you are swearing in to protect and serve, and that’s a serious commitment. It is true that the average police officer or member of the RCMP will be exposed to trauma, witnessing other people’s suffering, generalized violence, and, unfortunately, other disturbing situations. That’s just the nature of the job, but the overall risk involved in law enforcement has, again, steadily declined over the years.

Myth: You Must Be a Self-Defense Expert To Join The Force

While it’s true that some schools and police prep academies do not offer any type of self-defense training, many of them do. This false understanding that you must master or at least be familiar with self-defense techniques or firearm handling skills holds a lot of students back from applying and enrolling in various programs. Indeed, this point perfectly illustrates the importance of proper education and knowledge as it relates to becoming a law enforcement official (LEO). So, if you don’t have any background or experience in self-defense or the handling of a firearm, don’t immediately discredit yourself.

Myth: Police Officers Are All Cynical

Not true – though there is a little legitimacy to this claim, most officers and members of the RCMP are not cynical. On the contrary, many police officers are some of the most optimistic and idealistic people you’ll ever meet! Here and there, you’ll see a viral video shared on Facebook of an officer buying food for a homeless person or stopping traffic to help a family of ducklings safely cross the road. There’s no doubt that these posts get a lot of attention, but the reality is that officers do things like that all of the time without anyone noticing.

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Remember, police officers and members of the RCMP are human, too. Of course, better professional recruitment preparation leads to better officers, so start out on the right foot with our police practice test services. Contact Test Ready Pro today to get started!

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