If you have been trying to figure out in which direction your career is headed, you are probably considering all of your options carefully. We are lucky enough to get to speak with a number of people who are all interested in a number of future careers at Test Ready Pro. Because we offer test preparation for police officers, firefighters, paramedics, military and more, we have heard the ups and downs that come with finding an initial career or changing career paths. However, these are not the only test prep resources we offer. We also provide test prep materials for security officers. If you have a desire to protect and serve but you aren’t quite sure where to start, being a security officer is a great place to begin.

You Can Start In No Time

If you have been thinking about becoming a security officer, our advice would be to get started as soon as possible. The reason we suggest this is because it takes very little time to complete the necessary training. Rather than investing years of your time in education, you will only have to complete right to 16 hours of basic security training. You can, of course, opt for additional training in order to get pay increases as your career advances.

You Will Have Job Security

We aren’t trying to be cute with this headline. The truth of the matter is that places are always going to need security guards. Whether you are providing security at a special event or you work on a daily basis, there will always be people looking for experienced guards. Additionally, the notion that you can pursue other passions that you may have and still be able to rely on security as a fall-back is a great feeling.

It’s A Flexible Schedule

The majority of security jobs out there come with a good amount of flexibility. If you are currently going to school to get a degree or you are looking for a source of supplemental income, you have made a great choice. Many of the shifts offered to security officers are at night, meaning you can use your days to fulfill other obligations in your life. This also brings us to our next point…

You Won’t be Micromanaged

There is a lot of freedom that comes with working as a security officer as well. Your job will most likely always require that you protect the business or the people that you are hired to look after. This means that you will probably never have a supervisor that is present throughout your shifts, leaving you personally accountable and responsible. This is normally a very appealing aspect of the job for those who prefer to work on their own.

You Get To Protect People

One of the best things about being a security officer is that you get to protect and serve. Your job has a purpose, and whether you are waking up to head to work, or driving home from your shift, you will feel that purpose. There is nothing better than knowing your job is making a positive impact on someone, even if it is just one person.

It’s A Great Stepping Stone

Once you have secured a positions as a security guard, you can absolutely use it to advance your overall career. For some, becoming a security guard allows for them to pay their way through school or make a big purchase. For others, it is a step in the right direction to become a police officer. Experience as a security guard is extremely valuable if you are someone who want to eventually become part of the police force.

Ready To Start Your Journey To Becoming A Security Officer?

Whatever reasoning you may have for wanting to pursue a career as a security guard, it’s time for you to begin your journey. Test Ready Pro is here to help you achieve your dream with the very best in study materials and tools in security guard training. Don’t stress out about not being able to pass the Ontario Security Guard License Certification!. Instead, be confident in your knowledge and skills once you have used the resources provided to you by Test Ready Pro.

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