Since the time you were a little kid, the only occupation you ever wanted to pursue was that of a police officer. You watched movies and television shows, stared in awe at the rotating red and blue lights as they flashed down the street in front of your house. You would stare up at police badges in admiration anytime an officer crossed your path. Plain and simple, you were meant to be a cop. As you grew older, however, you began to understand that being a police officer isn’t as simple as putting on a uniform and carrying a firearm. You realized that there was a lot of work that had to be completed in order for you to achieve your dream. While you have likely done a ton of research surrounding your potential future career, you may not know everything about what goes into it. In this post, we want to give police hopefuls a better idea of what they should expect their daily lives to be like once they finally graduate from the police academy and begin their lives as an advocate of the law.

What You May Think Being A Police Officer Will Be Like:

For many people who are thinking about joining the police force, their idea of a typical day is normally one of two scenarios: they either think they will be doing mountains of paperwork and investigating or they think they will be involved in high speed chases and high stakes arrests. While these things do happen from time to time, there is no way to predict what every single day will hold for you as a new or tenured police officer. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that as a police officer, you will have to interact with people more often than not. Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about the most important tasks you will have to complete on a daily basis when you are an officer of the law.

What Being A Police Officer Is Really Like:

Communicating Is Imperative To Be A Good Cop

As a police officer, the main task that you will likely have to do over and over again is to be an effective communicator. Most commonly, you will have to communicate with dispatch so that they can keeps tabs on where you are and what you are doing. If you are given a partner, you will also have to communicate with them about how you plan on handling certain situations, as well as who will be responsible for what tasks when you are being called to handle an incident.

Additionally you will have to communicate with members of your community in a number of ways. There will be people you have to speak with who are not following the law. In cases like this, it could be a minor offense in which they are simply given a ticket or it could be something more serious that requires you to place the person under arrest. In either situation, it is very uncommon that the person will act calmly in your presence. You have to know how to keep calm while communicating in a clear and effective way. Another way in which you will have to communicate with members of the community is speaking to victims who have been through traumatic events. In this case, you will need to know how to be empathetic while still being able to get their version of the events that occurred.

Your Job Is To Enforce To Law Even In Tough Situations

Enforcing the law tends to mean something different to different people. On the other hand, police officers, once a member of the force should know exactly what this means. The simplest explanation of what enforcing the law includes is this: You will work to make sure that peace is kept, that crimes are not committed, that victims are taken care of in a proper manner, and that criminals are apprehended. It is important that you remember that your job as a cop is to make people feel more safe, not less safe. This means you are there as a sort of protector and not as someone who is going to persecute them. With this being said, you will have to do your fair share of ticket writing and arresting.

Now Comes The Paperwork…

As we mentioned earlier, many people think that there will be a lot of paperwork in their daily routine when they become a cop. While it may not take up the majority of each day, you will have to write and file reports frequently. When a crime takes place whether there is a witness or not, it will have to be documented in the form of a report. The report is basically a means for your superiors and others to know what occurred during the incident so that there is a formal record. These reports are meant to show that your job was done correctly and can also come in handy in court.

There Will Be More Stress Than You Originally Planned On

Being a police officer is no walk in the park. That is why it is extremely important that you know what you are getting into ahead of time. You not only need to be able to handle the stress that is put on you by the job, but you also need to be able to physically handle the demands of the job. Many times, police officers have a difficult time balancing their work and their life outside of work. From time to time, this leads to an officer becoming worn out much more quickly than anticipated, which can often end in the person leaving the force. If you want to be a cop, be sure that you are ready for all of the dedication, demands and stress that will be required of you.

Still Interested In Becoming A Police Officer?

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