The year 2020 will certainly be one to remember. There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you stop and think about life and reevaluate your goals. If you’re like most people right now, you’re probably spending a lot of time at home contemplating what the future holds. Times like these can seem uncertain, but they can also accelerate change. In today’s blog from Test Ready Pro, we’re going to discuss how you can use this time to set goals and start working toward a better life for you and your family. If you’ve thought about training for a career in law enforcement in the past, now is the time to take action. Keep reading to find out how you can start preparing for a job as an Ontario police officer and how Test Ready Pro can help with police test prep materials.  

Choosing to become a police officer is a serious and difficult decision, but if you do it for the right reasons, it can be incredibly rewarding. However, you have to be realistic about what it takes to get hired into the force. It’s no easy task. Many students underestimate how difficult it will be to pass the tests — and don’t forget that you don’t have to just pass them, you have to show that you’re better than thousands of others taking the same tests. 

If you’re ready to take the future into your own hands and use this time of isolation to start making strides toward your lifelong goal of becoming a police officer, we’re here to guide you on how to get started. Here are just a few of the things you can start doing today.

Social Distancing Doesn’t Mean Isolating Yourself On the Couch

People in countries all over the world are spending more time at home than ever before. Social distancing and self-isolation have become the new norm and likely will remain part of our lives for many months to come. This means that most people have more time on their hands. Even if you’re working from home, you’re not spending time commuting, and you’re likely not involved in all of the activities that previously filled your calendar. You have more time on your hands now, but how are you going to use that time?

It can be easy to relinquish yourself to the couch and start binge-watching a popular new series, but what would that do for you? It might help you pack on a few unhealthy pounds and give you a sore back. Why not use this extra time to evaluate your goals and dreams and make a plan that will help you accomplish them. If you’ve made up your mind that you’d like to ultimately become a member of the Ontario police force, you’re in luck — there are several things you can do to prepare yourself, right in the comfort of your own home.

Get Familiar With the Admission Requirements

As we mentioned earlier, you can’t just assume that you’ll be able to get a job on the force just by passing a written test. There’s also a physical fitness test that you’ll have to pass — and believe us, it’s no walk in the park. Plus, the written test isn’t just about getting a passing score, employers will be looking for those who score the highest. Getting hired as a police officer is very competitive, and if you don’t outscore and outperform your fellow candidates, you could be left without a job. 

The primary written tests you will need to pass are called the Police Analytical Thinking Inventory (PATI) test, and the written communication test. In addition, you will also have to pass a physical fitness exam. You can start preparing for all three of these tests right now, from home. Test Ready Pro has put together the most comprehensive package of police test prep materials that you’ll find anywhere — and it’s entirely accessible online!   

When you sign up with Test Ready Pro, you’ll get a 280-page coursebook, access to unlimited timed practice tests with answers and full explanations, written communication practice tests, video test preparation guide, a 4-week fitness test preparation guide, and so much more! Plus, when you sign up you’ll get instant access to all of the materials, which means you can get started today!

Set Some Goals

Once you’ve completed the first two steps towards your new career — making the conscious decision to work toward becoming a police officer and getting familiar with admission requirements — the next step is to set some goals. Identify everything you’ll need to accomplish and set time limits to hold yourself accountable. If Covid-19 is keeping you at home with extra time on your hands, order your police test prep materials right away so you can get started. And, when life gets back to “normal” you’ll be thankful that you’re ready to take that next step toward your new career. 

Contact Test Ready Pro

If the recent state of the world has made you think seriously about your future and where you hope to be in the upcoming years, we encourage you to take action. If you’re considering a career as a police officer, firefighter, private investigator, paramedic, or security guard in Ontario, Test Ready Pro has everything you need to pass your tests with flying colors and prepare for your job interview. Visit our website to learn more and to order your police test prep materials today.