If you’ve always dreamed of a career as a police officer, you’re ready to do everything you can to make that dream a reality. You probably already know that there will be many challenges that you will have to face along the way in order to prove your readiness. Students training to work within the Police Department, including the RCMP, have to go through a series of tests and training to confirm that they have the know-how, skills, and physical endurance to perform their job. It’s a very rigorous process and not everyone makes it through — especially the first time through. So, what can you do to make sure you have the best training and that you’re as prepared as possible? Check out Test Ready Pro of Ontario for your police test prep services!

As the leaders in professional recruitment preparation, we’re more than just a test prep service. We prepare you for your interview, your career, and beyond! But what makes Test Ready Pro different and why should you choose us to help you achieve your goals? In our blog, we’ll explain the many benefits of choosing Test Ready Pro and how choosing us can make all the difference in your success.

More Than Just Test Prep

We won’t just help you pass tests, we’ll give you the tools you need to prepare for your career. Anyone can give you practice questions, but we know that it takes so much more than just passing a test in order to be recruited. That’s why our comprehensive training materials not only include practice PATI tests, but other necessities such as on-line video role-playing tests, a four-week fitness program, and an extensive skills development program to help you pass the Written Communication Test (WCT).

Once you pass your tests, you don’t get to walk into the job of your choice, you still have to get through the interview process. That’s why we’ve also included help with preparing for interviews, including sample interview questions. For an additional fee, we’ll also provide in-person interview coaching. Your success is virtually guaranteed!

The Best Team, Working For You

We’ve hired the best in the business with years of training and experience. Our team consists of experts in their field, including police officers, mental health experts, fitness trainers, and career consultants. This elite team was brought together to help with your training and ensure your best chance of success. You’ll be taught using real-world scenarios and years of on-the-job experiences.

Lifetime Membership

At Test Ready Pro, we want to be here for you no matter what it takes. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can result in the testing and hiring process taking more than a year to complete. That’s why we offer a lifetime membership. This gives you the flexibility to take as long as you need to complete your studies without having to worry about an expiring membership.

Access to Preferred Partners

As another added benefit of working with us, you’ll also receive access to an exclusive list of our preferred partners. Many of these partners have agreed to provide discounts to our members. For instance, you can save an average of 15% on Fitness Club Memberships as well as First Aid and Technical Rescue courses. By joining the Test Ready Pro community, you’ll also get access to the extensive list of resources that will help you stay up to date on the latest information and offers.


If you want to know why you should work with Test Ready Pro, don’t just listen to what we have to say, check out our real-life testimonials. You’ll read over and over again how Test Ready Pro helped dozens of people pass their test and get hired. Even those who had failed in the past, or struggled in certain areas were able to achieve success with the help of our program.

Are You Ready?

Many people fail to properly prepare for the testing and interview process associated with being recruited for the police department. By investing in our comprehensive police test prep program, you’ll get instant access to materials that you can use anytime, anywhere, to learn at your own pace. If you’re serious about wanting a career in the police force, and you don’t want to risk foregoing your dream because you couldn’t pass a test, contact Test Ready Pro today to sign up for one of our specialized training programs.