In our previous blog, we gave readers three great movies about private detectives to watch while studying their way through our private investigator prep course. The fact of the matter is that television has also featured a number of interesting and memorable PIs over the years. Today we’re going to provide our readers with a few of the best shows about private investigation:

  • Three shows to watch while taking our private investigator prep course.Although it is set in California, Psych was filmed right here in Canada and ran for eight seasons. Starring James Roday as “psychic detective” Shawn Spencer, it was well-received by critics and fans alike for its writing. Posing as a psychic, but actually using well-developed observational skills, Shawn Spencer is truly unique when it comes to fictional PIs.
  • Running for just a single season, FX’s Terriers features two characters (expertly played by Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James) who run an unlicensed private investigation business. Although we don’t recommend working without a license, we do highly recommend this clever, well-written, engaging show.
  • Bringing a classic character into modern times, Sherlock is both entertaining and engaging, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they try to solve the mystery along with consulting investigators Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Just like the PI films from our previous blog, we’d like to reiterate that although these shows aren’t always realistic, they’re great to watch while you’re working your way through our private investigator prep course. Our course currently has a 100% success rate, so if you’re looking to get a PI license in Ontario or anywhere else, we think you’ll enjoy our course. Sign up today!

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