It’s likely that you have seen at least one television show in which a private investigator is portrayed as a cloaked figure walking through dark alleys at night, following a potential suspect of some sort. You may also imagine that being a private investigator will allow for you to simply sit in a car for hours on end in order to capture a photograph of a specific person. However, this is exactly what being a private investigator actually entails. If you are curious about what it means to be a private investigator in the real world, we would suggest that you continue reading below to learn more about the reality of this profession.

Chances are you won’t be working for yourself

While you may think being a PI involves working any and all hours that you so choose as you will be working for yourself. This is actually not the case at all. Most investigators end up working for larger companies to complete tasks like conducting thorough background checks and legal investigations.

What will you likely be focusing on?

There are several areas that investigations can focus on when you are working for firms. Much of the time, these investigations will involve learning more about the stability of smaller businesses before a larger firm decides to buy them out. Basically, the private investigator is hired to determine whether this is a good investment or not and whether the company has any history of committing fraud. Private investigators are also hired to find people who are hard to locate. Whether this is for a business or for a single person, these types of jobs are relatively common.

Additionally, you may end up working on other types of cases like investigating fraudulent insurance claims, stalkers, theft cases or robberies, suspected infidelity, missing persons cases and more.

How do you become a private investigator?

The majority of people who end up working as private investigators have a history in the law enforcement field. This could mean that they worked on a local or state police force, or even for a government law enforcement agency like the FBI. However, there are not any specific educational requirements you must satisfy in order to become a private investigator. You will, however, have to take a private investigator training course, after which you will have to take the licensing exam. Lastly, you will have to apply for your license once you have passed the written exam.

Salary Expectations

While the salary of private investigators greatly varies, a typical private detective will earn $20.40 per hour. It’s important that you understand how much your income will vary based on what sorts of cases you are working on. With cases that are difficult, you will likely retain more money when the job has been completed. You may also find that the amount you are paid will depend on the amount of experience you have and how much travel the specific job requires.

Are you interested in becoming a private investigator?

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