Famous for their distinctive dress uniform “Review Order,” RCMP are often thought as wearing their uniform while patrolling on-duty, riding around on a horse. Now, while the RCMP use standard police methods, equipment and uniforms for normal police work, many prospective RCMP candidates are often curious about the traditional uniform and why it’s worn. Well, as the authority in RCMP prep at Test Ready Pro, we figured that this would be a popular and relevant topic to touch on in today’s blog post.

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Formal and Ceremonial Applications

As mentioned above, the traditional RCMP uniform (as seen here) is not typically worn for normal, on-duty police officers in Canada. However, members of the RCMP wear the “Review Order” – another name for the formal uniform – during the Musical Ride, an equestrian drill in which mounted members show their riding skills and handling of the cavalry lance. As a tribute to the past where officers commonly rode around on horses to protect and serve, it’s important to acknowledge and honor our nation’s history here in Canada.

“Red Serge”

A less formal and more popular name for “Review Order” is “Red Serge”, something that most everyday Canadian citizens would say when observing a holiday parade, for example. The Red Serge consists of a high-collared scarlet tunic with midnight blue breeches and yellow leg stripe. A Sam Browne belt (with white sidearm lanyard), oxblood riding boots, brown felt campaign hat and brown gloves complete this formal and authoritative uniform.

American Spurs On Canadian Service Members

The oxblood riding boots worn by RCMP members (when dressed in Red Serge) are often, but not always, accompanied by spurs. The original spurs made for the RCMP, known as “long shank spurs,” (how’s this for a history lesson?) were made of solid nickel. Some owners occasionally had their regimental number engraved on the inside, and, interestingly enough, some RCMP members even went as far as replacing the rowel with a US buffalo nickel. Why? Apparently, this was done to complement the Mounted Police cap badge and avoid using a Canadian coin that would deface the monarch. The RCMP issued the last long shank spurs in 1968.

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