Many children, while they are growing up, say that they want to be a firefighter when they are adults. To them, firefighters are the ultimate heroes. They rush into burning buildings to save others yet they still make the time to put smiles on children’s faces by waving or posing for a photo. However, only a small minority of children actually grow up to be firefighters. What you may not know is that to become a firefighter, you must pass specific tests outside of a physical exam.


Exams like the CPS (Cooperative Personnel Services) and NSFT (National Selection Firefighter Test) are a required part of becoming a firefighter in Ontario. These tests are a comprehensive collection of everything that you will need to know to have a successful career as a firefighter. Chances are, though, you will not be able to walk in on test day and pass with a 100% without doing any kind of studying.


Firefighting is a competitive field and the recruiters that are in charge of hiring know that they can hire the best of the best. If you take the test and get lower than an 85% on the firefighter exam, chances are that you will not be at the top of the list to become a firefighter. That is why is offering top-of-the-line training materials to help you study for the upcoming exams.


With the firefighter course we have to offer, provides you with all of the material that you will need for both the written exam and the physical exam. It will help you with your math skills as well at your written English skills so that you can shoot to the top of your chosen field. Both professionals and firefighters rave about our training course and we have several success stories to share with you.
We want to see everyone that wants to become a firefighter be the best that they can be. It does not matter if you are just trying to break into the firefighting field or if you are a volunteer looking to complete your entrance exam. Get your firefighter practice test and so much more by calling today.