If you’re taking a private investigator prep course, there’s a good chance that you’re a fan of PI movies. There are a number of great movies about private investigators and some are more accurate than others, but they’re always a great deal of fun to watch. Here are a few that we at Test Ready Pro think are the best:

  • Three movies to watch while you study for our private investigator prep course.It would be impossible to have a list of the best private eye movies without The Maltese Falcon making an appearance. Based on the novel of the same name from author Dasheill Hammett and featuring Sam Spade as the main character, it’s one of the best movies about private investigation ever made.
  • Starring Jack Nicholson as JJ Gittes, Chinatown is the recipient of the 1974 Academy Award for Best Picture. Known for its wonderful direction, engaging plot, and incredible acting, it’s the gold standard for PI films.
  • Jake Kasdan’s Zero Effect, made in 1998, is proof that even in modern times, a good story about a private investigator never goes out of style. Starring Bill Pullman as “the world’s most private investigator” and Ben Stiller as his sidekick, this movie is a modern classic.

Although being a PI isn’t quite like it is in the movies, we think our private investigator prep course is the perfect thing to prepare you for a career in private investigation. Our students have a 100% success rate which means that if you’re seeking a PI license in Ontario, our course will set you up to succeed. Read more about our private investigator prep course and sign up today!