Our police prep courses for police candidates (first time interview) and current Police Officers in Ontario – interview preparation – Entry Level and Promotional (Sergeant/Supervisor) are designed to give you all of the necessary information and developed by a current Ontario Police Sergeant so you can be sure that everything you need to know is in there, master the competencies – essential and developmental and learn how to articulate them. For fun, here are three fictional police officers that would have benefited greatly from one of our police prep interview courses.

  • Our police prep courses will provide you with all necessary info.The Simpsons’ Chief Clancy Wiggum is the absolute definition of an incompetent police officer. From putting Abe Simpson in jail for startling him to throwing fellow office Lou in a cell because he brought the chief cold coffee, Chief Wiggum can’t seem to get it right. Although he usually has the best intentions, his lack of knowledge about basic police work makes him a poor role model.
  • Naked Gun features Leslie Nielsen as Police Squad member Frank Drebin. Known for creating more problems than he solves, this character was ranked by Empire Magazine as one of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.
  • Commandant Lassard of Police Academy fame seems to have his mind on anything but good police work. From interacting with his goldfish to disastrous trips to the golf course, Commandant Lassard seems to luck into success rather than actually earning it.

There you have it. The top three fictional cops that should be required to take a police prep exam. Don’t be like them! We offer courses for both entry level and supervisor police prep courses so that you can be sure you’ve got all of the necessary information to make the best possible decisions. Got a question? Our experts are on hand to help out.

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