If you are interested in becoming a firefighter or paramedic, you need the right information to prepare you for the test and for the job that will come after you pass it. At Test Ready Pro, we have everything you need to make sure you pass your firefighter or paramedic test with flying colors so that you can begin your dream career. From learning what the basic requirements are to making sure you are ready to answer every single one of the standardized test questions, we have you covered. Get all the information you need to know in our blog posts below.

  1. Things No One Will Tell You About Becoming a First-Responder

    When you become a first-responder, whether it is fire, EMS, or police, there is a lot that no one tells you. Yes, this is one of the most rewarding things you can do with your life, but it is also full of many surprises. As you actively help people in your community, you are also putting yourself in a lot of situations that many professionals could not. This is why we feel the need to give you a b…Read More

  2. Want to Become a Firefighter? Prepare for a Stressful Job

    If it has always been your desire to become a firefighter, you likely fantasize about the many ways you will get to be a hero in other peoples’ stories. After all, firefighters are truly fearless individuals who risk their lives every single day for the lives of others. However, one aspect of becoming a firefighter that people do not often talk about is the toll the profession can take on a pers…Read More

  3. 4 Things You Have To Do If You Want To Be A Firefighter

    4 Things You Have To Do If You Want To Be A Firefighter

    When you are prepping to make your career goals a reality, there is always going to be a ton of work that goes into it. While we cannot speak for every career field, we certainly do know about the different type of prep that goes into becoming a firefighter. Of course, we think it is beyond important that you prepare for many tests you have to take. On the other hand, when you want to spend your l…Read More

  4. Considerations Before Pursuing a Career In Emergency Services

    Firefighters, paramedics, police officers - these are the heroes of Canada, the United States, and countries all around the world. Working around the clock to protect the safety and well-being of the public, emergency services personnel often put their life on the line in the interest of helping others. From crossing into the line of fire to helping an elderly citizen safely cross the street, work…Read More

  5. Should You Consider Becoming A Firefighter?

    Being a hero is something everyone would like to be considered at least once in their lifetime. For others, the desire to help those in need is something that resides deep within them, something they want to do as often as possible. This may seem odd to others. After all, when danger arrives, a good majority of people would follow their gut instinct to flee and abandon the situation all together. …Read More

  6. How to Become a Paramedic in Canada

    It is expected that over the next six or seven years that the number of paramedics in Canada will grow exponentially. As the second largest country on the planet, it is not surprising that the need for these imperative members of the workforce will continue to rise. While the size of the country certainly plays a role in how many paramedics are needed, this increase also has a lot to do with the g…Read More

  7. A Few Film Recommendations for Those Taking Our Firefighter Exam Prep Course

    If you’re preparing for your firefighter test, sometimes it’s nice to take a bit of a mental break and do a little relaxing. What better way than to watch a movie about firefighting? You get to disengage the “study mode” part of your brain and turn on the “entertainment and relaxation” part while still keeping up with the theme of your studies. In today’s blog, we look at a handful o…Read More

  8. (Pass the NFST Firefighter Test) – Let’s talk about Ontario Fire Administration Inc. (OFAI) Firefighter Candidate Testing NFST Test

    Let's talk about OFAI Candidate Testing and how to pass the NFST firefighter test. I've had literally 20 phone calls this week with questions about this process for Ontario Firefighter Testing Preparation regarding the Ontario Fire Administration Candidate Testing Certificate. First I will post the specific steps involved directly from the OFAI website and then discuss the main question I received…Read More

  9. A Few Studying Tips from Test Ready Pro

    So you’re thinking about becoming a police officer, a firefighter, or part of the CDN Forces and you want to prepare the best you can. TestReadyPro.com is here to assist you with all of your preparation needs, and the best part about all of our prep test programs is that they give you the ability to study at your own pace. For some, it is a snap to work the test prep into their schedules, but ot…Read More

  10. Could You Have A Future In Firefighting?

    When confronted with danger, humans generally have one of two reactions: we fight or we flee. Are you the type of person that likes to confront dangerous situations head-on, especially if other people are at risk of being hurt or being killed? If so you might have a future in firefighting. Wondering where to start? The firefighter test prep materials available through Test Ready Pro can help give …Read More