Lifetime Membership

We have always put the student’s needs first – that’s why we were the first to offer a Lifetime Membership and our competency-based award recognition.

We understand that sometimes it takes longer than 1 year to pass all of your testing and interviews, and we know you rely on Test Ready Pro to assist you throughout the entire process. So, as a Test Ready Pro Member we’ll keep your membership valid until you achieve success, regardless of whether or not you need to re-write your test.

This will give you the flexibility to begin and continue studying for as long as you want without having to worry about your membership expiring prior to you achieving your ultimate goal. We’re with you!

From a College perspective, facilitators can ensure they are giving their students the best value and opportunity for success, particularly when the majority will need to use TRP well after graduation. This program is also available to all of your College Alumni.

I got the call this week. I have been hired to serve with the Hamilton Police Services… I could not have done this without Test Ready Pro! NEVER!

About us

Our mission is to provide individuals embarking on a public or emergency services career with comprehensive preparation through training and support that will ensure success in passing initial academic and physical testing requirements. We do this through our training process we call Building Blocks™ To Success. Each building block represents a key step of preparation in the recruitment process.


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