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If you’ve decided that your life’s passion is to protect and serve, then we want to congratulate you. Choosing to become a police officer is a difficult journey that you will find to be both challenging and rewarding. It will test you mentally, physically and emotionally and at times may have you second-guessing your decision to dedicate your life to serving others in this way. But, for many people, becoming a police officer is something they are called to do. It’s an unrelenting need to want to make others feel safe and to serve the community in which they live. Although the road may be fraught with danger, disappointment, and hard work, it will also be filled with meaning, accomplishment, and satisfaction from being able to help others at a time when they need it most.

If you’ve decided that there is no better career for you, and you’ve made the commitment to do what it takes to become an esteemed member of the police force, then you should get to know Test Ready Pro. We provide individuals living in Ontario with the tools and police test prep courses that they need to adequately prepare for this career path. We are the leaders in professional recruitment preparation, and we’re here to help you.

Become A Police Officer

Becoming a Police Officer

Which Path Should You Choose

The first step toward becoming a police officer is to decide what kind of job you hope to have once you have completed your police test prep courses and have successfully passed your tests. While it might seem premature to start making specific job choices, it’s something that you must do to properly prepare for the path you are on. Do you want to be a standard police officer, or do you hope to be part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police? It’s important to decide early because there are different requirements and tests you’ll need to take depending on the one you choose.

Career Opportunities

Choosing to become a police officer can open up doors to many different avenues. It doesn’t mean that the majority of your time will be spent stopping people for traffic violations. There are several different career opportunities that you could pursue, such as drug enforcement, criminal investigations, tactical, and forensics. One of the best reasons to join the force is for the opportunity to work in areas that are exciting and meaningful to you.

A Common Mission

Regardless of which direction you go in, at the heart of every policing job you’ll find the same core values and objectives. Whether you’re handing out speeding tickets or investigating a robbery, your mission will be to uphold the rights and freedoms of all people, to serve with fairness and compassion, and to protect and serve the citizens of your community.

Basic Requirements

As you embark on your journey toward a career in law enforcement, you’ll be judged and tested on many skills and qualities that you’ll need in your challenging new job. Each step of the process gets more and more difficult in an effort to identify the best and most qualified people.

At the very start of the selection process, there are some basic requirements that every potential candidate will have to meet.


Candidates must be at least 18 or 19 years of age at the time of application. This age can vary by the police department and/or province, which is why there isn’t one specific age. You’ll want to confirm with the region that you wish to work in.


You must have completed at least four years of secondary school education or its equivalent, and you must have the official transcripts to document it. People that have received their diploma outside of the geographical area in which they are applying may also have to obtain an equivalency assessment.


In order to get a job on the Canadian police force, you must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


Working on the police force is a physically challenging job, so only the best candidates that are in good health and able to prove that they are physically fit are accepted. To prove this, you’ll be required to pass the PREP physical fitness test. In addition to general fitness, you’ll be required to prove that you have adequate hearing and vision. For a policing job, this means you’ll have to take a hearing test and you’ll need to show that you have 20/30 vision without the help of corrective lenses.


A police officer is someone that people look up to and respect. They’re the equivalent of a real-life superhero — someone who protects the community from crime and helps in times of need. A police officer’s job is to inspire, listen to the needs and perspectives of others, and to do the right thing.

Because your duties involve upholding the law and inspiring morality, candidates need to show that they, themselves, are a person of integrity and someone whom others find to be trustworthy. It is expected that people of law enforcement will have a high ethical standard and good moral character.

Drivers License

Having a driver’s license is a must. Every candidate will need to have a valid driver’s license with no restrictions. While this sounds like an easy requirement to meet, keep in mind that you must also have a good driving record. What does a good driving record mean? It means that you have no more than six demerit points on your license.

Additional Requirements

Additional Requirements

Safety Training

As a police officer, you’ll be in many situations where you may have to provide lifesaving support. Therefore, it’s a basic requirement that every police officer has to be certified in standard first aid and CPR by the time you receive an offer for employment. These certification classes are usually easy to find and can be completed in a day or even a few hours.

Background Check

As part of your qualifications to join the force, you’ll be required to submit to a series of background checks. You are a representative of the community, and it is necessary to make sure that you fit the profile of someone that is a moral leader and honorable enforcer of the law.

Compared to background checks for other jobs, background checks for people going into law enforcement are much more thorough. You can expect nearly every aspect of your life to be investigated. The process differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but you should expect at least some of the following areas will be checked:

  • Criminal record
  • Credit records
  • Employment records
  • Drug use history
  • Personal references including former employers, teachers, friends, and family

Police Testing


If you meet all of the requirements discussed above, the next step will be to take courses that will prepare you to pass a variety of tests. Because only the very best candidates are desired for law enforcement jobs, the tests are made to be very challenging, and that is why it’s prudent to sign up for police test prep courses to help you through. The tests will include physical and behavioral tests as well as written and verbal aptitude tests. The following is a list of the ones you’ll need to take to become a police officer. Keep in mind that these may vary if you’re pursuing a job with Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

PATI (Police Analytical Thinking Inventory)

This is a written test, in multiple-choice format, that measures a student’s aptitude in three areas: deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. These are just fancy terms to describe using math and logic to answer problems.

It is important to mention that if you’re a first-time candidate and you don’t pass the PATI test, you must wait for three months before you are allowed to take it again. If you don’t pass it on your subsequent attempts, you have to wait at least six months between each re-take. For most people, not passing your PATI test on the first try can be a costly mistake that can affect whether or not you decide to continue your pursuit. If don’t have all the time in the world to get your career started (and who does), you’ll want to make sure you’re adequately prepared. This is where police test prep classes can be a vital asset.

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WCT (Written Communication Test)

This test is used to measure your analytical thinking skills. You’ll be tested on how you organize disjointed information into something clear and coherent. Plus, you’ll need to know how to make deductions based on the information presented, and arrive at logical conclusions. This test is intimidating and can be a challenge for many people. But this is where taking a police test prep course, like the ones offered by Test Ready Pro, can be a big help. If you understand how to study for this type of test, and get some tips and tricks from people who know how it works, it can make things a lot easier.

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PREP (Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police)

The police PREP test consists of three different sections that will assess your overall health and physical fitness. First, you’ll be asked to fill out a health evaluation, otherwise known as the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q). This checklist helps to determine if you have any health problems that could require clearance from a physician. Some of the ones you may be asked about are heart conditions, balance problems, or a history of blackouts.
Once you complete the PAR-Q screening, you’ll have two physical fitness tests to complete. The first requires completion of a circuit that will test your aerobic strength and muscle endurance. The second is a shuttle run that requires you to reach a certain stage in order to pass.
Even if you think you’re in good physical condition, don’t assume that you’ll be able to breeze through these tests. You should be well-prepared for performing the fitness tests by focusing on your training and exercise months in advance and then testing your readiness before the actual assessment. Again, you can look to the experts at Test Ready Pro for help on how to pass your fitness tests. Everything you’ll need to make sure you’re fully prepared is included when you sign up for our police test prep courses.

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Learn Prepare Practice

Learn, Prepare and Practice

The best way to ensure success for your future is to learn, prepare, and practice the skills that you will be tested on and that you’ll be using in your job for years to come. So many students underestimate the importance of adequate preparation, but imagine how devastating it would be to get to that one final test only to discover that you didn’t pass. Not only is it deflating to your self-esteem, but for some people there isn’t enough time or resources to take the test again. Don’t make this mistake. Make sure you’ve done everything you can to be prepared.

How Test Ready Pro Can Help You Pass

At Test Ready Pro, we offer practice testing that’s just like the real tests you’ll be taking. Not only that, but we’ll give you tips and show you how to solve problems and answer the most challenging questions. There’s no better resource for learning and practicing to ensure you’ll pass your test the first time around. Our police test prep courses also have the following benefits:


Study when it’s convenient for you, anytime, anywhere with our easy-to-access online system. Use it to work around your busy schedule and practice, then re-practice, areas that you need the most help in. Being able to study when it’s most convenient for you means that you’ll be able to put in the time you need to succeed.

Unlimited Online Practice Exams

One of the biggest aids for passing a test is being able to study relevant exam questions ahead of time. Our unlimited practice exams enable you to keep practicing until you get it right. We’ll provide you with detailed test results and you’ll even be able to track your progress over time.

Experience the “Real” Testing Situation

Each of our practice exams are given in the same way that your real test will be given — they’re timed. Many exam takers are confident in their knowledge but can fail when they have to perform under pressure with a time restriction. Make sure you’re prepared to answer questions in the allotted time by practicing this way ahead of time.

Focus On the Areas You Need Most

Our online system makes it easy to focus on specific topics or skills that give you the most trouble. Feel free to pause or rewind to make sure you understand the most difficult concepts. Or, if you’re feeling confident that you’ve mastered a certain topic, our system lets you skip over questions or entire categories so you can work on the areas that matter most.

After the police test

After the Test

Your preparation doesn’t end with taking your tests. Just because you passed with flying colors, that doesn’t mean you can just walk into your job of choice. Passing your test is only half of the equation — the next step is getting through your interviews so you can officially get hired.

Test Ready Pro doesn’t just want you to pass your tests, we want to see you get hired. That’s why we offer resources to help you land your dream job, and they’re included as part of your police test prep courses. But, if you’ve already passed your tests or you just want to brush up on interviewing skills, we offer standalone entry level and supervisor levels.

Many people struggle with interviews, and it’s usually because of one of the following reasons:

  • They aren’t prepared to give the correct answers
  • They show a lack of confidence in their answers
  • They aren’t prepared for difficult or unexpected questions
  • They lack or are unaware of basic interview skills

At Test Ready Pro, we want to see you succeed, and when it comes to getting hired, that means preparing just like you would for a written test. Preparation not only helps you with answering tough questions, but it allows you to show confidence. After all, you’re applying for a job that will require you to deal with many tough situations and your supervisor will need to know that you’ll be able to make tough decisions with confidence.

To fully prepare you for what lies ahead after your tests, our police test prep courses also include the following:

  • Cover letter and resume samples
  • Guidance on how to ace your interview
  • Video role-playing tests to help with developing your response technique
  • Tips on how to build important interview skills

Don’t make the mistake that so many others make by assuming your preparation ends once you’ve passed your tests. With practice and guidance from the Test Ready Pro team, we’ll help you get rid of pre-interview jitters and confidently show your interviewers that you’re the top person for the job.

About Test Ready Pro

About Test Ready Pro

Testing for certain careers can be a challenge and you should not underestimate what it takes to pass. Math and writing are the leading trouble areas for most students and over 80 percent of applicants will fail the first time. This is daunting news if all you’ve ever wanted to do is put on the uniform and serve your community. Don’t take a chance on your career — school alone isn’t enough. Make sure you’re prepared by signing up for our police test prep courses.
Test Ready Pro provides individuals who are passionate about pursuing their career with the comprehensive preparation necessary to ensure success in passing academic and physical testing requirements. And, our team will help you find the courses that make the most sense depending on the path you are pursuing.

Test Ready Pro has enlisted the best in the business to work for you. Our instructors and consultants have decades of first-hand experience working in the field. Their educational and career accomplishments are too many to list, but you can learn more about them on our team page. There’s no doubt they will inspire you.

Ready When You Are

Test Ready Pro has been helping candidates pass their tests the first time around for over 10 years. Don’t just take our word for it. Read actual testimonials from the dozens of students we’ve helped. Our police test prep courses are the most comprehensive ones available and you should consider them a worthwhile investment in your future.

Are you ready to take the next step toward starting the toughest, but most rewarding job you’ll ever have? Contact Test Ready Pro and sign up for police test prep courses. You’ll not only get help with passing the PATI, WCT and PREP tests the first time, but you’ll also get the practice and preparation you need to land the job you’ve always wanted. Contact us today!


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