Very Impressed!

Hi Chris,
I’ve just taken a coupe of the Firefighter Practice Tests – the NFST, CPS and OS Tests, and have been surfing around on your site and I have to tell you I’m very impressed!
I can see you have put years of hard work into this project and I hope it continues to grow!  You have received some nice exposure with CHCH news in Hamilton which is great publicity and the testimonials on your site are great.
I gotta say, I am happy that I decided to make this purchase as I can already see I need to improve in quite a few areas to score well on the FD tests.  I got smoked on the first one I did which was the audio recall exercise, (44% maybe) but did much better on the aptitude (83% i think).
I highly recommend this to ALL firefighter candidates to pass their NFST CPS or OS Tests!
Neil Carter