A requirement of all emergency services personnel is a commitment to advancement and life long learning, both prior to entrance testing and throughout the duration of your career.


Becoming a Test Ready Pro (TRP) member will provide you with access to an exclusive list of our Preferred Partners. TRP has developed long standing relationships with these partners and in most cases have negotiated discounts (usually a minimum of 15%) for our members.*

 TRP highly recommends the following additional qualifications and services.

Firefighter practice tests & training
Training Division.com
Training Division.com has combined tradition with technology to become the leader in online fire certification training.

Both TestReadyPro.com and Training Division.com students have utilized both services to prepare for entrance testing and recruitment preparation while completing NFPA Firefighter I and Firefighter II standards on-line with Training Division.com



Fulltime firefighter and author of the book The Complete Guide to Becoming a Firefighter Kory Pearn personally manages the website BecomminaFIREFIGHTER.com. His books and resources are an essential compliment to TRP Firefighter Membership. TRP highly recommended.


Based on the principles taught in our book Study Guide for the Firefighter Interview you will learn how to recognize the specific types of firefighter interview questions, formulate an answer that is unique to you and, maximize the mark you will receive for your answer. TRP highly recommends the resources available from FireFighterInterviews.com and should be considered an essential compliment to a TRP Firefighter Membership.



* Not all Partners honor or provide discounts on services.